4 Themes Lifesize Nature

10 July 2011

A superb open-air exhibition of photos is planned this summer on the Quai Wilson in Geneva.

Giant photos are part of the Greenvoice project, which aims to make youngsters more aware of what is at stake, and the challenges of the environment, as well as the necessity of respecting and protecting natural habitats.

The programme has 4 themes: water, the forest, citizenship and voluntary work.

Info +: Alongside this exhibition, there are free workshops (in English) for children aged 8 to 13. The aim is to involve the children actively in a project emphasizing the local natural heritage and its protection. Reservation required.

Quais Wilson
Exposition Greenvoice
11 July - 28 August

See article: http://www.croque-loisirs.com/com/index.php?p=article&id=38

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