Professional experience to get out of unemployment

Gabriella (left) with colleagues Irene and Lwiise
Gabriella (left) with colleagues Irene and Lwiise
Gabriella Sconfitti, traducción española Miguel Ortiz
09 March 2007

What to say about a professional experience that only lasted for two months? Well... there is actually lots to say. Right from the first day, I was able to benefit from a particularly warm welcome. I was not only able to simply have relations with my colleagues, but developed one true friendship. From a sociological point of view, the experience turned out to be very rich.

What diversity! Each with one's own experience, origins, opinions and expectations, all different one from the other, each contributed, in one's own way, to give me so many impressions and souvenirs.

In addition to the appropriate social framework, I had the opportunity to provide professional services. Oh yes!! It is not simple to start in the so-called active professional life just coming out of school. Indeed, if one does not have that special experience systematically required that can open lots of doors, it is not easy at all.

ICVolunteers provided me with the opportunity to make those first steps in the field of communications. I was entrusted with the realization of several projects: a new internal newsletter which I created, a volunteer guide which I updated. I also wrote project descriptions for the web site, reviewed and updated a PowerPoint presentation to be shown at the next information session for newcomers, and created a user manual for accounting. I accomplished all of these varied projects. 

Looking back, I can say that it has been a very positive experience, a true collaboration, interrupted sooner than expected, but indispensable for my new professional situation. Regarding that last point, thanks to this experience at ICVolunteers, I was able to find a job with a communications agency, which is exactly what I was seeking...

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