Volunteers of ICV Mobilize for the Social Summit - Geneva 2000

19 al 30 junio 2000
26 June 2000

The World Summit for Social Development (Geneva 2000) will take place next June 26th to 30th. In view of such an important and exceptional event for Geneva internationally, the International Conference Volunteers (ICV) is recruiting around 300 volunteers. It is also looking for host families willing to provide free lodging in their homes to delegates from developing countries or to international volunteers.

The Geneva 2000 program will comprise of two parts: First part: a Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly to be held in Geneva, to review the actions taken on the commitments made by 186 countries at l995 first World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen. It will also attempt to seek innovative ways to achieve their set goals. Second part: The Geneva 2000 Forum represents a unique opportunity for the NGOs, parliaments, syndicates, business and industry entities, professional associations and the media to join in a debate over social development. The General Assembly Special Session and the Forum will work together under the banner Geneva 2000: the next step in social development.

We are now living a crucial stage in the development of our planet: globalization offers a vast potential for a better life, but if we do not find the means to highlight its positive aspects and ease the negative ones, it will become a threat to those who still live in the shadow of poverty and conflict.

Despite the importance of the Summit, budgetary constraints demand the participation of a certain number of volunteer collaborators, hence the present appeal launched by ICV to all those motivated, of all ages and nationalities, English-speaking, and willing to offer their own personal contribution. 

Likewise, we are looking for free lodging with residents. We hope to be able to allow all those engaged in social development, particularly the small NGOs from developing countries, to submit their contribution to the debates. For those NGOs, coming to Geneva represents a considerable investment. Therefore, in order to reduce the expenses during their stay here, a number of delegates would greatly benefit from host lodgings.  

ICV has already contributed to the success of numerous international conferences and events, like the 12th World AIDS Conference and the 10th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm, ICV ensures proper training of its volunteers who are called to work in a large number of areas (reception and transport of delegates, audio-visual center, press room, computer technology, non-professional interpreting/translating, etc.) according to individual skills and personal preferences. 

If you wish to provide your personal contribution to the success of Geneva 2000, as part of the volunteer team, or to participate in the program, please contact:

International Conference Volunteers (ICV)
Email: info@icvolunteers.org<br /> Internet: www.icvolunteers.org

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